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Prisoners love to get mail, and Stockade Magazine is the only interactive publication specifically designed for American inmates.

Dedicated to strengthening the body, improving the mind, and lifting the spirits of men and women behind bars, Stockade is full of interesting articles and fun activities that are relevant to your friend or loved one's life, both during their incarceration and after.

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How Stockade Is Different



Inmates have limited access to technology and other supplies. many of the features and activities are interactive, so that readers don't need anything beyond the magazine itself in order to take advantage of the content.



Over 2 million Americans are currently incarcerated. For many of these individuals, the typical sports and news magazines just aren't very interesting. Stockade is designed for readers who want something more meaningful and engaging.



Being in prison means constantly being told what you can't do. Stockade Magazine shows inmates what they CAN do to strengthen their bodies, improve their minds, and lift their spirits.

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Our Mission

Stockade Magazine is dedicated to the principle that men and women behind bars deserve information that is relevant, enjoyable, and useful, without being patronizing or pandering.

Our intention is to provide content that supports our core mission: strengthen the body, improve the mind, lift the spirit.

To you, the American inmate, we say this: we have not forgotten you. Whether you are innocent or guilty, whether your sentence is just or unjust, you are a human being, and you deserve to be treated as one. In our own small way, we hope these pages help to make your time a little easier.

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